Saturday, November 15, 2008

JOINING Fair and Square

First please make sure you've read the rules located on the Fair and Square blog. (Located on the sidebar as a link) Ensure that you understand all the rules of Fair and Square and can abide by them before you contact the Exchange Moderator. Please state in your e-mail request to the moderator that you have fully read and understand them. This board is run by the rules.

ROUNDS and DATES:Dates for each round are listed as links on the main Fair and Square blog page. When you click on the link it will take you to the Information Page for that specific round that you clicked on. Please check the rounds that are OPEN. Choose ONE round to join and send that choice to the Exchange Moderator when you are ready to make application to the exchange. If you remain interested, please send an e-mail of introduction to Jill - the Exchange Moderator at: In the Introductory e-mail please include the following information:
  • Full Name
  • Snail Mail Address
  • E-mail address that you would like to use for receiving information and updates about this exchange
  • Round you'd like to join

* For YOUR membership profile please send me answers for the following questions (you can see examples of what a membership profile looks like HERE)

  • LIKES - I don't mean like chocolate etc. I mean your STITCHING likes
  • DISLIKES - again STITCHING dislikes
  • USE for the received squares
  • BLOG URL if you have one (if you do not have a blog, please indicate that to me at this time)

Upon receipt of the introductory e-mail, I will send you an invitation to join Fair and Square Blog, if I have room in the exchange. You will be required to post an introduction, and also to post when you mail your squares and receive your squares. A picture posted with the received squares is also expected - if you cannot do that the please ask your partner to post a picture of the squares AFTER you receive them. Please give the Exchange Moderator at least 72 hours to get back to you before you e-mail again - we all have lives outside this exchange!

We welcome stitchers from all over the world to join us in the exchange! Thanks for your interest! ~Jill