Saturday, November 15, 2008

JOINING Fair and Square

First please make sure you've read the rules located on the Fair and Square blog. (Located on the sidebar as a link) Ensure that you understand all the rules of Fair and Square and can abide by them before you contact the Exchange Moderator. Please state in your e-mail request to the moderator that you have fully read and understand them. This board is run by the rules.

ROUNDS and DATES:Dates for each round are listed as links on the main Fair and Square blog page. When you click on the link it will take you to the Information Page for that specific round that you clicked on. Please check the rounds that are OPEN. Choose ONE round to join and send that choice to the Exchange Moderator when you are ready to make application to the exchange. If you remain interested, please send an e-mail of introduction to Jill - the Exchange Moderator at: In the Introductory e-mail please include the following information:
  • Full Name
  • Snail Mail Address
  • E-mail address that you would like to use for receiving information and updates about this exchange
  • Round you'd like to join

* For YOUR membership profile please send me answers for the following questions (you can see examples of what a membership profile looks like HERE)

  • LIKES - I don't mean like chocolate etc. I mean your STITCHING likes
  • DISLIKES - again STITCHING dislikes
  • USE for the received squares
  • BLOG URL if you have one (if you do not have a blog, please indicate that to me at this time)

Upon receipt of the introductory e-mail, I will send you an invitation to join Fair and Square Blog, if I have room in the exchange. You will be required to post an introduction, and also to post when you mail your squares and receive your squares. A picture posted with the received squares is also expected - if you cannot do that the please ask your partner to post a picture of the squares AFTER you receive them. Please give the Exchange Moderator at least 72 hours to get back to you before you e-mail again - we all have lives outside this exchange!

We welcome stitchers from all over the world to join us in the exchange! Thanks for your interest! ~Jill

Friday, January 4, 2008

How to Sign In and Post to Fair and Squares Blog


1. Go to

2. At the top RIGHT hand corner will be boxes to put in your e-mail address and password (this is what you set up when you joined the board and accepted the invitation)

3. Once you have done the above, this will take you to your "dashboard"

4. To post to the blog choose the BLUE BOX under the FAIR AND SQUARE heading that says: NEW POST

5. This will bring up a box where you can download a picture and type up your entry

6. To post a picture simply click on the "picture square" on the blog entry box - icon is the third icon from the end on the right hand side of the entry dialogue box (it has a blue sky and mountains in it) So follow these simple steps to posting a picture:
  • click on the picture icon
  • this brings up a box that says add a picture from "YOUR COMPUTER" (this will be from your own hard drive where you've saved the picture you want to share) or "FROM THE WEB" this would be from a picture hosting site such as Flickr, Picasa, Webshots...etc (you will add a "link" in the appropriate box for this option)
  • You can add "more than one image" at the same time by clicking under either option listed above the "add more pictures" link
  • continue until all pictures you want are filled into the link lines
  • press the blue box with "UPLOAD PICTURES"

7. When you are finished with your entry, fill in the Labels at the bottom of the post. For example if I were posting an exchange I received from Joe B. during Round 2 of the exchange, I'd put these lables: Vonna, Joe B., Round 2

7. Click on the PUBLISH POST orange button to publish your entry

8. Click on View Blog to continue with your viewing of the blog.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


1.) Every stitcher participating MUST use 32 ct. linen/evenweave of a neutral shade (tan/brown/ivory/white/antique ivory/etc.) This count must be used by every stitcher so that each square swapped is the around the same size.

**PLEASE NOTE** No HEAVILY mottled linen/evenweave should be used, all squares should be an even toned NEUTRAL color as listed above.

2.) Each Stitcher shall swap TWO squares of linen/evenweave. Both squares shall be stitched from the SAME EXACT linen.

  • ONE linen/evenweave square shall house the stitched design

  • The OTHER shall house the stitcher's name, date/year and location as you wish (at a minimum it should contain your name and year)

An Example:

3.) The design on the square should be around 50 stitches X 50 stitches. *If your design is bigger than 50 x 50 then ask your partner if that is appropriate for what she is doing with her squares. (Designs should NOT be more than 70 x 70 as it wouldn't give enough finishing area left on the linen)

4.) Each square of fabric that you send should be at least 6 inches x 6 inches - this is the MINIMUM size - larger than 6 in. x 6 in. is fine. **(BOTH squares must be this size! no skimping and using scrapes of fabric differing sizes!!)

5.) The "raw" unfinished squares will be mailed to your partner. Please make sure your squares are in good clean condition. Make them look like you would want to receive your squares. Partner information will be e-mailed to you at the beginning of the round by the Round Moderator.

6.) A stitching time period of 6 weeks will be allotted to all participants. On the 6th week all stitching should be completed and the parcels mailed. *Stitcher's can mail at any time during the 6 weeks if their projects are finished prior to the end date!

7.) There will be a 2 week time period between rotations - a "clean up" time period - for people to sign up for the next round and for the previous round's parcels to be received. Therefore you can participate as much or as little as you want. Sign ups dates and information for each round are located in the sidebar beneath each round title - please look at the dates and round information carefully!!! NOT every round is open at the same time. Rounds will only be open during the specified time and only 1-3 Rounds will be open at any given time to allow for sign ups, as we don't want anyone over committing and not following through with their original commitments.

PLEASE NOTE: I allow a new member to sign up for ONE round to begin with. After the first round is mailed and it is mailed "on-time" and received by their partner, the new member may sign up for as many rounds as she/he wants to as long as the rounds are open and as long as they continue to follow through with the commitments that they make!

8.) Swapping partners will be assigned *randomly* (pulled from a hat), each round will have new partners, partners will not be duplicated - as we track "Previous Partners" in the exchange. Partners are randomly picked and their exchange information is e-mailed to you by the Round exchange moderator.

9.) This is an open blog and will be available for members from around the world, so people need to remember going into this exchange that your partner may be from a country other than the one you are from, therefore you need to keep in mind that postage rates will differ and be more costly. If this does not appeal to you than please don't join in the exchange.

10.) The Design of the square = Stitcher's Choice (although Member Profiles are maintained so that you can see your partner's "likes" and "dislikes")

11.) The Fibers used for the square = Stitcher's Choice

12.) Finishing of the raw squares = Recipient's Choice (collect a lot for a friendship quilt, make pinkeeps, pillow, flatfolds, smalls, the sky is the limit!!!)

13.) Once squares are received, the Recipient is required to send an e-mail to their partner and also make a post to the Fair Squares blog so that we can track squares and so that your partner knows that you received the squares exchanged. This should be done in a TIMELY don't have to post a photo immediately - but you should at the very minimum send and e-mail to your partner and post to the board stating that you received your squares. This is only fair considering the time your partner spent stitching your squares.

Pictures of your squares should be posted to the Fair and Square blog in a timely manner so that we can all see what you received in the exchange. **IF you have no means of posting pictures of your squares to Fair and Square then you must notify your partner AT THE BEGINNING OF THE ROUND so that they can post pictures for you upon your receipt of them

14.) Postage is the responsibility of the participants.

15.) Failing to meet a deadline or not following through with your swap will mean instant termination from participating in future swaps. Life happens and if something comes up that throws the stitcher off schedule, please contact your partner and the moderator so that arrangements and schedules can be arranged. Communication is key! if you do not communicate with your partner and the moderator and fail to meet the deadline after the 8 weeks of a round (6 weeks stitching + 2 weeks "clean up" period) . You will be deleted as a member - no questions asked. Fair and Squares is implementing immediately a ZERO tolerance on all members that fail to mail their exchanges and do not communicate with their moderators and partners.

A word on MAILING your squares: if you have mailed your squares and they have NOT been received within 4 weeks after the clean up period (a total of 12 weeks from the Round beginning) - then a set of replacement squares should be stitched and re-sent to your partner. When you sign up for Fair and Square you are saying that you will replace any sets of squares that go missing. If you refuse to replace the squares - you will be terminated as a member - we are trying to keep the board "Fair and Square".

16.) Extra gifts or goodies are not to be sent (period!); all we're interested in is your lovely stitched squares! If you make something handmade (pincushions, needlecase, whatever crafty) and would like to give a "handmade" item to your partner that is fine. But please remember that this is NOT REQUIRED and in all likliness you WILL NOT receive anything in return. So let's keep it simple - send the squares and maybe a postcard of your state/country/city and leave it at that.

17.) Communication is NECESSARY for all parties applying for membership to this board. You MUST post to the board when you mail your squares and you MUST post to the board when you receive your squares. (Please see Rule #13 for posting also).

18.) Fair and Square offers "Regular" Rounds...which are the numbered rounds. These rounds have no specific theme and rotate on an 8 week timetable (6 weeks to stitch with a 2 week clean up period). Although there is no specific themes - Member Profiles are maintained and you should check you partners profile to see their "likes" and "dislikes" - the design stitched however is ultimately up to the stitcher.

Fair and Square also offers "Holiday Rounds" - which have a theme specific to the chosen holiday. Members may sign up for these "themed" exchanges and stitch squares based on what the theme requires. For example: Christmas would be themed to stitch anything related to CHRISTMAS - stockings, sweets, Christmas Tree, Santa, etc. Holiday Rounds will be offered every now and again prior to an upcoming holiday. They shall be on a 8 week rotation as the numbered rounds (6 weeks to stitch with a 2 week clean up period).

NOTE: Member profiles should always be checked to determine Likes and Dislikes of the partner you are paired with, but ultimately what the stitcher decides to stitch is of their own personal decision. When signing up for this exchange please understand that you will not get something that you specifically ask for. Your list of LIKES/DISLIKES are just examples of what you prefer - what you ultimately receive from a stitcher is based on their own personal choice.

**Please check the sidebar for UPCOMING ROUNDS to see what is being offered for you to take part in!

19.) Please note that the moderator may contact you to find out information about your steps taken during the round (did you mail, when did you mail, etc) this is NOT meant to be harassing, merely to make sure we're all on the same page. If you have not mailed you will be contacted at the very least each week until you have mailed your round. Please keep the lines of communication OPEN. If you are going to be late - please contact your moderator AND your partner and give a date that you will mail by.

20.) Please be patient, kind and think about how you are wording things when you post to the board, communicate with each other and communicate with the moderator. Please do not demand a "reply" to the notes you send - a moderator will reply to you just as soon as they can. If you sent an e-mail and have not received a reply WITHIN 48 HRS. Then please resend the e-mail to them, perhaps they didn't get the first one. If you are worried about reciept and reading of the e-mail attach a "read receipt" so that you know it was read. Moderators of Fair and Square are here to serve you in exchanging...but we do have lives outside this board. Please be considerate of our time as well as we will be considerate of yours! Please remember the golden rule, "Do unto others, as you would have done to you".

If you are interested in learning more or to actually sign up for this exchange please click on the sidebar link that says "Join This Exchange" - there it will give you the steps to become a member of the board. ****If these rules seem unattainable or you don't agree with them, you won't follow through with them, then please don't request to join our exchange. Thank you for your interest, we hope you find this exchange interesting and want to join in the fun!